How It Works Spell Casting

1. Schedule a Consultation or a Reading

Schedule your consultation or reading (all love spell cases will require a reading instead of a consultation) using our booking tool and you will be called at the phone number you designate. During the consultation, you will speak with one of our witches in depth about your problem. Using our one-of-a-kind spell casting method our witches will be able to get to the root of your problem and design a customized spell plan to accomplish your goal. If you choose not to go through with a spell for any reason, there is no obligation. At the very least, you will be provided with more insight into your problem and leave the consultation with a different perspective and some sound advice.

2. The Spell Is Cast

Once you have agreed to move forward with the spell, you will then pay the spell casting fee and the witch will cast your spell within the next three days (unless it is an emergency case, whereas we would try to cast it the same day if possible). We make sure that the spell is cast at the best time for the energy needed in order to ensure maximum impact. This, as well as scheduling spells for all of our clients, is the purpose of the three day time frame.

Our witches will also give you instructions of things you should do on your end to help strengthen the spell.

3. Enjoy your results!

Your witch will let you know what general time frame to expect results after the consultation, as each case and circumstance is unique.

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