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La Ganesha Does it All

I have been going to psychics for years. I always had positive experiences and enjoyed and learned a lot from getting readings. I reached a difficult point where I needed more than just insights, I needed help changing circumstances. No one could help me. I had just about given up hope. That’s when I met La Ganesha and when everything changed. I have been working with La Ganesha for about 6 months now. She has helped me with eliminating blocks, path opening (which landed me a new job), legal issues (having a serious court case dismissed), clarity, protection, healing, love spells- you name it she does it- and it WORKS. She refuses work that she doesn’t find ethical or that her guides will not allow her to accept, which I find so refreshing. She is an absolute miracle worker. Seriously. Great to talk to, insightful, helpful, and always right. She is a wonderful person and really cares about helping others. Enough cannot be said about her abilities, heart, but most of all results!


My Mentor La Ganesha!!

La Ganesha truly wise and experienced. I’m glad the universe humbled me to find such a powerful witch and priestess. Months ago my situations both in my career and in my love life was bleak however now i see the light. La Ganesha is simply amazing make sure you pay her every penny because its worth it!

—Jonathan A Coleman

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spell removal and reconnection

I came to La Ganesha in a world of hurt. Someone in my man’s life mangaged to separate me and my man and did alot of damage. La GANESHA is working hard to get us back together & she wants it to happen asap. She has removed all the years of spells done against him and us as a couple. La GANESHA has provided awesome protection for us and I don’t feel terrified someone is attacking he and I. La GANESHA is working hard to repair all the damage this person has caused. She’ll come up with a specific plan quickly to help with your situation like she has with mine. I feel so free and about 98% better. I know my man does too. I’m able to work on myself with positivity and feel the connection with my man once again. I’m so excited about everything and I have La Ganesha to thank. I feel God and the Universe answered my prayers connecting me with La Ganesha. Thank you La Ganesha for being so caring, understanding, patient and loving with me and for being a badass witch for us and to this evil person. I can’t thank you enough ,you’re da bomb! (( hugs ))


spell removal

La Ganesha has recently been helping me with a spell removal that was done againt me and my wife.To be brief we had a nightmare marriage for the past eleven years and after we figured out what has happened we were able to remove the spell that was done against us.Since the spell was removed I would say our relationship has been 95% better. I was working on tight budget and there are a few more things to be done but I couldn’t even begin to thank La Ganesha enough.I look forward to do more stuff with her in future.

—Paul S

Powerful Witch LA GANESHA

I am writing a second review for La Ganesha To express my appreciation for LaGanesha. I have so much peace after La Ganesha spell. I had contacted hire a witch because of a love triangle that was breaking me. I contacted La Ganesha barely able to hold myself together. However, two days after La Ganesha’s spell, I have found so much peace. I am now able to work on aligning my energy. I am no longer being torn apart by outside force. I feel La Ganesha is a true blessing and wish I could adequately express how appreciative I am. If you’re struggling with any situation, I encourage you to contact La Ganesha. She can analyze your situation objectively and create a specialized plan for your needs. The money is well worth the peace of mind. Thank you La Ganesha. I hope the universe brings you so much, love. I am very thankful for you and your kindness.

—Crista M Williams


I was astounded by the manifestation speed of the spells done by La Ganesha. Not only was her work on target and fast, she was very understanding and compassionate when we spoke. For these reasons, I will return for further guidance and work. Thank you and many blessings to La Ganesha!


La Ganesha

I want to thank La Ganesha so much for helping me, I am truly blessed to find a true Spell Caster. Results speak for themselves and the support has been nothing but outstanding, with the readings and her advice. Honestly, I was in a dark place and my life was blocked before this and now I feel the blocks are moving out of my life and everything that I wanted is finally coming true. Thank you La Ganesha!


Money, My man, Healings & Protection...

I have been with La Ganesha since late July 2019 and she has brought my business back to life and now we’re making so much more money than ever because of her awesome work. I am so thankful for her and it didn’t take that long!! We’re continually working to protect my business from external factors. Although it’s been 8 months since working on bringing back my man to me, La is convinced, because of the virus situation, it’s been a bit delayed because of the energy shift and because his gadgets got stuck at the store due to the virus. Everyone says he’s going to contact me so I’m not worried just hoping it happens as soon as he gets his phone & tablet from the store. My man’s son is always encouraging his dad to contact me so that’s very awesome. I’m also very happy and feel very confident to have La Ganesha protection over me, my family & my business partner during this virus outbreak and to have her working on my very challenging health issues which I’m very sure will be resolved soon. I’m very excited with all the work she’s done. I am just waiting anxiously for my man to contact me ASAP & be ready to commit and move forward. Thank you La Ganesha for everything!! I initiated this review because La needs to know how thankful I am and how valuable she is. Thank you La!! Hnicole


Spell Removal from my business

I had to write a 2nd time to give La Ganesha another much deserved shout out and to say thank you La Ganesha for removing spells on both my business and my man & I. The same evil person who separated & damaged my man & I has also damaged my business. La Ganesha has removed this evil and person from our lives completely and If it hadn’t been for La Ganesha my life would still be a mess. La Ganesha is my Angel and has really helped me feel happy, hopeful and excited again with life. If you need any work done for business, success or relationships La Ganesha is amazing and will get it done. La Ganesha is very powerful. She’s working on getting my man back, which she says is soon, yay and she’s been repairing all sorts of damage and La Ganesha also saving my business and bringing us back to our original cash flow and making it run more smooth. Amazing! Again, I can’t thank you enough La Ganesha for everything. :)))


Mokimko is Amazing

My life has been a mess since the day I was born and I wish someone told me about witches back then because my life would have been completely different had I hired one! lol. I came to Mokimko for help with a relationship, but what I got was much more. She not only helped me get my husband back, but she helped me mentally and emotionally as well! I’ve been working with Mokimko for just 6 months and my life is already like night and day. She helped me get my man back in just a month, but I’ve continued to work with her afterwards because she’s actually making me a better person and improving other areas of my life also. I’m so thankful for her! She’s simply amazing! 🙂


The best La Ganesha

La Ganesha has been a blessing to me she has gotten me out of jams and provided me excellent service overall. Honestly I don’t know what i would without La Ganesha. I’m gaining the girl of my dreams and i’m becoming financially secure. THE BEST LA GANESHA!

—-Jonathan C

The best La Ganesha

After struggling to get a hold of a situation that was caused by some friends everything is running smoothly and according to plan. I can’t thank La Ganesha enough for all that she has done and will do thank you so much La Ganesha. It’s a pleasure to work with La Ganesha



Mokimko has been the best thing to ever happen to me! I’m so grateful for her knowledge, skill and power to help bring my career to the level I’ve been dreaming of for so long. I’m still amazed that she was able to make such a difference so quickly! I will be a customer for life!

—Janet F.

Love Triangle

I found myself in a love triangle. I mentally could handle it anymore. I had LA GANESHA who cleared it up within three days. She pull one guy away so I could work on what I need too. I know I will be working with her again in the future.

—Crista M Williams


I was dealing with depression for so many years and really unable to do anything or feel any kind of happiness no matter what was going on in my life. It was horrible and I did not have any foreseeable way out. But I owe so much now to Mokimko for helping me with her healings and other spells to finally get me smiling again. I am actually happy now more often than not and overall very optimistic about the future. It’s truly a miracle, the work she does!

—Kenya L.

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    214 REVIEWS OF laganesha

    Felicia M says: Happy Birthday to the beautiful Mokimko! After working with her for about 6 months, we are getting very close to success, but not quite yet. She is so patient, caring, and comforting that she is almost like a best friend. Since this process has been long and difficult, I have lost faith many times. But she has kept me believing and understanding the process has many factors. She is very respectful and doesn’t make you spend unnecessary money. She knows her stuff and knows what is important to get the perfect end results. I am looking forward to everything coming together, and finally seeing some impressive results! Thank you so much Mokimko, you are such an amazing person 🙂
    Badass Protection
    Tremaine K says: Mokimko is soooo good! She put protection on me after I was going through so many negative things and my life has been improving so much ever since! Her protection spells are powerful and badass, for real! Thank you!
    My experience
    anonymouss a says: I’ve had La Ganesha by my side through the years and she has never let me down. We do readings every now and than or if I feel like somethings on my mind and I need to check it out, you don’t have to tell her anything she can pick up whats bothering you or what energy you have around you it’s amazing. Theirs been times where she will tell me things in readings and it may not make sense in the moment but as time goes on it literally unfolds just as she predicted, she truly has a gift . Her spell work is bad ass I mean that in the most respectful way possible lol, everything she has done for me whether it be relationships, or job or their was once a legal problem I had she has succeeded each and every time and I am always happy with the results. She even keeps you updated during the process. She is truly a blessing, you have to put in your work and listen to what she advises but their is nothing you can’t accomplish with her by your side. My life went from unpredictable, depressing and me feeling lost to positive,happy and success in all aspects once I found her. I consider her a good friend of mine and she is a blessing. I look forward to this journey as we continue on what were working on now 🙂 My right hand, your awesome!!
    Willie C says: Wow! All I can say is Wow! Just a week ago me and my girlfriend broke up and I reached out to Mokimko right away (my friend referred me to her and I heard she was really good) and already she came back to me! She called me apologizing and basically begging me to take her back after just a few days! Mokimko told me she would bring her to her knees and that’s exactly what she did! I’m so thankful and amazed how this stuff works!! Wow, wow, wow!! Well worth the money!
    La Ganesha the Best!
    Thomas T says: La Ganesha is the best!! Accurate reading. She fixed my relationship with my Partner and my Career. LA GANESHA IS EXCELLENT!!
    LM N says: I will try to make this short…I went to La Ganesha over a bad breakup. It was very very bad. I was hurt beyond words. It seemed like I was the only one who knew he was still my soul mate. He ended up with someone else and boasted about it. I truly felt like I couldn’t live because the betrayal was agonizing. I had to see the man I love treat another woman like a queen. But when I told La Ganesha all about it she eased my heart and said it would be alright. So now, we are together and he’s talking about me being his wife! AND to add…we are expecting a child. This is a miracle too! I had my tubes tied AND I’m in my late 40s WITH an IUD! La Ganesha made it happen. I’m so happy…wait…WE are so happy. I can’t tell her thank you enough. If you have a serious problem…I recommend my La La. .she won’t let you down!
    My Marriage
    Sara W says: Sometimes it is very hard to admit when your life in shambles and you need help to fix it. My life was just that, especially with my marriage, when I first contacted Mokimko. Since then I can honestly say with true happiness and pride that my life and marriage is actually better than it’s ever been now! This stuff is amazing and Mokimko is amazinger! lol Seriously, I would recommend her for anyone having issues, wanting to fix their marriage, life, career, etc. My husband is now fully committed, loving, romantic and attentive and we are solid. She also helped me get an edge up in my job with my boss and that resulted in me getting a raise ($$$). Her healing spells are strong as hell and I feel like new person! I could write a book, so I’ll just end by saying that Mokimko helped fix a bunch of issues with care and precision. She’s excellent and I’ll be a client for life! 😉
    anonymous M says: I really recommend Alana, not only is she crazy accurate but she’s so easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable. I just caution you to only ask if u really want to know…bc she won’t lie to you and you might not like the response you get but at least it’s the truth! She’s been right on the money…i can’t recommend her enough. You won’t regret a reading with her, promise!
    Thank you Alexandar
    Lisamarie S says: I call on Alexandar periodically for a “check-in”, advice on what is currently going on in my life, if I’m on the right track, and what is in store for me. Her guidance and insight is, as usual, on point! She provides accurate readings and gives in depth feedback on the information she provides and won’t hesitate to deliver even the hardest truths for our benefit. This last session, she assisted me with some answers on a past issue, which I did not even know was possible, and she helped me find some closure around the situation. Always professional, honest and compassionate.
    Trustworthy, powerful and gets results!!
    Beverly K says: I contacted Mokimko in a very desperate and depressed state and since this was my first time going to a witch, I was very nervous. But something about her told me I could trust her and she would be the help that I needed. I can honestly say now that she has been the best choice I’ve made in a very long time. She’s been kind, patient, understanding, caring and like a best friend I never had. I didn’t have anyone I could really talk to about what was going on, so I looked forward to our weekly readings as we tracked the progress of the spells. Everything worked and most importantly, she was able to get my ex to call me and now we’re working things out and on our way back to a stable relationship, which is actually moving in that direction pretty fast now! One of the spells we did was to make him dream about me constantly and now that we’re back in touch, he just admitted yesterday that he’s been dreaming about me a lot! I thought that was amazing and proof of Mokimko’s awesome power! I know that everything will great now, thanks to Mokimko!
    Happier Than Ever!
    Anonymous . says: I’ve been working with La Ganesha for quite some time and I can tell you that her work is incredible! We recently did some work on my income and motivation and wow, am I seeing a difference! There’s been a noticeable increase in my inrcome and I now actually have the motivation to exercise and to get things done throughout the day. Thank you!!!
    LIMN 9 says: LA GANESHA is the real deal! When I tell you it was bad…it was beyond bad. I fell in love with a man who I thought loved me back. We dated for over 7 years. I later found out he had cheated numerous times. We decided to make it work only to find out he had been seeing another woman…again. I was devastated. They both started bullying me on social media im front of my family and friends. The other woman was vicious to the max. I was beyond hurt cause I’d given the relationship my all. When I was at my lowest…I reached out to La Ganesha. Immediately, she was like my angel…my fairy godmother because it was like she already knew what I was dealing with…she already knew what kind of person the other woman was and everything. She knew I was telling the truth…she asked me something I didn’t think I deserved…she said…What do you want…and when I told her I didn’t want to give up…she immediately got to work…I saw immediate results! Now…we are very much in love…like never before. We get scared sometimes because it’s soooo good. Sometimes when we’re together, we laugh so hard until morning. I’m very happy because my man is back home…but this time, he’s where he should be with me….thank you La Ganesha…thank you so much!
    Kate B says: La Ganesha !!! I recently contacted La Ganesha to try to figure out what is causing the negative energy between my husband and I . I was completely turned off and disconnected from him. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense because he is very good looking and he is a nice person. I kept thinking this has to be some sort of curse. And of course no one else could figure any thing out I had my hormones checked ect….it was nothing that the doctors could find. La Ganesha is a very good psychic detective she found that my sister who is extremely and insanely jealous of me had wished such intense ill will and so much destructive negative intensions toward my husband and I that even though my sister is not a practicing witch her intensity of negativity acted as a powerful curse on our marriage. And with the intensity of her emotion and the frequency of her ill will along with her connection to me. And the weakened state that I was in living in a house with black mold at that time. It was perfect for her to have the ability to have a powerful curse like effect on me and on my marriage that she was sooo jealous of. La Ganesha also knows the best strategy to undo and fix all the damage that has been done between myself and my husband and I. So to all of you out there keep in mind jealous family members and exs that may be attacking you with possibly very destructive energies that can act as a curse even though they are not practicing witches! K.M. California
    Mokimko is the BEST!!
    Rachel A says: I’ve been working with Mokimko on weight loss and building myself up from the inside out (self confidence, new me, etc.) and I have to say I feel and look better than I EVER have in my entire life. I’ve always been a big girl and that has given me lots of emotional and mental issues over the years, so she had a whole lot to fix! But I am just so amazed that even with all of my issues and always feeling like nothing would ever for me, Mokimko was able to get me in line and get me results! Trust me, that’s not easy! lol. But now I’m looking good and loving the new me…and so are the guys 😉 I recommend her to EVERYONE!
    Anon N says: Alana gave an amazing reading with incredible insight. She gave details about an event that was about a month away which at the time I had no idea what she was talking about and didn’t make sense but then it happened and I was blown away. I’m so grateful for her insight even if the news is difficult and hard to hear it is empowering to know the truth and gain that insight. She has a multi faceted and beneficial approach. I highly recommend her.


    Alana Lei
    Korah A says: My reading with Alana Lei was fantastic. Alana was spot on and to the point. She definitely has a very peaceful energy. Truly grateful for the clarity and direction her reading provided.


    Chris U says: La Ganesha did a curse for me and I am seeing the results as my enemies fall down! lol! I’m just amazed that everything she said would happen is happening! And I’m sitting back with my popcorn watching it all unfold! haha! Thank you!!!


    Increased income
    Rhonda S says: I’ve been struggling for a while with my finances and could not seem to get ahead no matter what I did. But after Mokimko worked with me on a few things and did a few spells, my money has completely turned around and I’m actually starting to pay off my debts AND have extra money to save! She’s a godsend! Thank you!~ customer for life!


    Thank you so much Hireawitch😍
    Anonymous S says: I talked with Mokimko about my recent breakup with my boyfriend. We didn’t have formal breakup but just stopped communicating instead. Mokimko is really great in answering all the questions I had in mind including the ones that I wasn’t aware of, she totally knocks it off and I was so amazed by her ability. She is really funny and great to talk with. She’s like an old friend whom you’ve met along time ago. Now, I’m totally fine after hearing all the truth about my ex boyfie. Couldn’t be more thankful to realize and know things about him. Mokimko also helped me realize to be more careful about men and to always follow instincts. I’ll be coming back if anything messes up with my mind again, it’s really a refreshing feeling to be talking with the person who guides and advices you as you tackle your journey and problems in life. She is really accurate in pinpointing certain details in my life and I’m super duperrrrrr amazed. I look forward to be having a more positive life and good vibes after our conversation. This is my second time to consult with Hireawitch. Thank you so much!!! You didn’t know how much aid and guidance you brought into my life! Keep it up and all the best to all the staffs! 😊


    Curse removal & Protection
    Jinnie K says: There was a very bad curse on me for a long time, which had destroyed everything in my life. When I came to Mokimko, I was so alone, depressed and in really shape. She saw who did it and what was going on and sprung into action right away, removing and fixing everything. We even attacked the person who cursed me! I am finally able to smile now and things are quickly getting better. I can’t thank Mokimko enough. She is a powerful witch and her spells and curses are badass!


    Alexandar K is really good
    Kai B says: Answered a lot of my questions even provided 2 possible locations (specific cities) of where my belongings might be. She even when over the time answering my questions since my appt time was overlooked. Really appreciate her answering all my questions. Will definitely book with her again


    mokimko is really great and honest
    noah d says: She is right on with details.Asked her about doing a success spell.She said didn’t need it,she was being honest.most other pyschics would of scammed me out of money.I will use her again.


    La Ganesha
    Elle B says: I had a 30 minuntes session with La Ganesha and I was very relieved after talking to her, I felt much better and she told me she will help me achieve what I wanted. I am very excited for it. Thank You so much La Ganesha.


    Modeling career
    Anonymous K says: It’s extremely hard to make it in the modeling industry and even harder to stay on top, but not with Mokimko by your side! She’s helped me so much, I can’t even begin to explain. I had already been successful in modeling but was finding it hard to keep my status and get an edge on the competition as I age a bit. She opened opportunities for me, helped me keep my figure and skin in check, did some popularity and success things for me and now my career has never been stronger! I was able to keep my high end modeling contract (was in jeopardy of losing it) and was selected as a go-to for a few very major designers. Literally, they are all attracted to me like a magnet! I love it! lol I’m a customer for life!


    La Ganesha
    Kate B says:  I have been working with La Ganesha for a while now and I have very happy with her. She is understanding and listens to my problems then looks into it to find the best solutions. I used think Witches only attack and do harm. I contacted her because of being attacked by a Witch. And now I am almost glad that a Witch attacked me! because it lead me to her! I had no idea how much they can help your life in ALL areas I feel like I have been given the Genies Lamp to ask for my wishes for Prosperity,Luck, Business, Relationships, And help with evil people that went out of their way to destroy me in the past and I had no way or ability to defend myself. Its very in powering to have La Ganesha on YOUR SIDE! Finally I have help!


    Can’t help me
    Cassandra H says: She wouldn’t take my case. I’m disappointed and don’t know where to turn now. She offered me help in other ways and was nice, but in the end said her spirits are telling her no to my case 🙁


    Multi-Million Dollar Deal!
    Devin M says: With a lot at stake in a huge business opportunity I recently had, I contacted Mokimko for help. We did a reading and she let me know the various factors at play and immediately put together a plan for action to make sure this deal went through in my favor. Now, this was a multi-million dollar deal I was trying to make, just to give the proper context of how important this was to my livelihood! There were several hard ballers at play, so I was up against a lot. Mokimko was like a magical ninja, wiping out all of the competition and manipulating the entire process! I landed the deal and I know I owe everything to her prowess, strategic brilliance and sheer power! I’m never letting her go and I know I’ll be working with her on many more deals as I rise to the top! 😀


    anonymous k says: I worked with La Ganesha recently on a jealousy problem my significant other was having with me, they weren’t trusting me and kept accusing me of things that I wasn’t doing. We worked on this last week and I have already noticed a huge difference, since doing the spell him and I have been on much better terms and the vibe just feels more light and happy. This is one of the many things La Ganesha has fixed for me, she is a blessing


    AM D says: I had been going through such a financial drought. I even ended up homeless…sometimes going hungry so I could feed my kids. I got in touch with La Ganesha and told her not one but many issues I was having. I was so broken and alone. Immediately, La Ganesha worked with me and now I have 2 jobs and they are both what I’ve always wanted to do! I was able to secure stable transportation as well! I don’t know what would have happened to me if I had not met my angel…La Ganesha 💜
    Love spells
    Margo M says: I can’t believe everything that has happened and I can’t thank Mokimko enough. She fixed my relationship after my boyfriend left me for another woman, which left me devistated! She broke them up and got him to come back to me which at times I thought was impossible, but she did it! And he’s back, we’re engaged and we’re about to start the family I’ve always wanted! I definitely recommend her for anyone who wants their relationship back on track- she’s been nothing but caring, intelligent and a powerful witch! :*


    La Ganesha is really an Angel
    AM D says: A Ganesha is an Angel. She listened to my issues and started working right away on my behalf. I thought it was over for me..humiliated, betrayed and hurt beyond words. In just a few hours, I started seeing positive results through the person who hurt me. I can’t say thank you enough La Ganesha! I look forward to seeing the end results. [Love Spell/Revenge


    Mokimko is SO good!
    Quinton D says: Every situation, every single spell I’ve had Mokimko do has been handled to perfection! She’s helped me through so many situations over the past few years and I’m just getting around to finally leaving a review. She’s helped me with my relationship and getting my fiance to stay with me when things were going downhill, she’s helped me get a promotion and raise at my job, she’s helped me with different difficult situations with my family and even some personal healing issues. Hands down, she is the BEST and I say that with all confidence! I’m glad I found her and she’s stuck with me for life!
    Thank you La Ganersha
    Elle R says: I’ve been going through some tough times now and been carrying it for several months now. I tried so much to make myself ok, pretending to be, I can hear my deep long sighs everytime, been looking around to get myself busy I don’t really believe in magic but just by talking to La Ganersha everything changes, I feel lighter and I feel relieved, she was an instant cure for my feeling. Thank you so much La Ganersha for all your kind words and making me realize everything. Now I can finally say I am ready to move on with your help, and forget the past. I will remember what you said.”Not because someone did bad to you, everyone is the same; there are bad people and there are good people.” This is just what I really need right now. I feel so enlightened!!! I’d be coming back again and again! You’re an angel to me! 🙂


    My experience
    Anonymous s says: I have been going to La Ganesha for some time now and every single reading I have had with her has been helpful to me, I have also worked with her on changing things in my life with spell work. We have been through work problems, love problems and once a legal problem lol and she has never made me feel like I’m dealing with them alone. All outcomes have been successful and what we aimed for. What’s cool is she can see things before they actually happen which gives me a heads up to be prepared and know how to handle the situation when I face it. My goal is to stay grounded and on track and I feel confident that with her I will continue to stay there. So happy I found her & look forward to what the future holds for me. I cant thank you enough 🙂


    A new beginning
    Sharon H says: La Ganesha has got to be the most understanding person I’ve ever encountered. She’s working on a plan to get my ex back and we haven’t even started the work and I know already just by communicating with her it’s going to happen I’ve asked her 1000 questions and she answered them all I even told her I know I’m getting on your nerves and she told me no with a lol…I’m so excited to take this journey with her after being scammed left and right I know now I’m in good hands I would highly highly recommend La Ganesha her customer service skills are over the top. I will for sure be back with updates.
    La Ganesha
    Anon M says: Working with La Ganesha has been a great experience for me. She was able to drive right into my crazy complicated situation and provide insight and more support on how to get to the result I needed. She is easy to talk to and so helpful. She answers all my questions with no judgments and is caring throughout the process. She is always there to help. My case is complex and I need a big result that is in motion right now so I will be sure to update when I get that. But this far I have seen some small progress and it hasn’t even been a week. I’m really excited for the future outcome and to continue working with la Ganesha. She’s great.
    Love Problems
    Jericho R says: La Ganesha is Great!!! On time on call. La Ganesha gave me peace of mind.
    Excellent and Caring!
    Anonymous A says: La Ganesha has been wonderful to work with. She is caring and compassionate and understands my situation perfectly and knows what needs to be done. Her spell work is top notch as well and she knows how to get the best results possible. Highly recommended!
    Psychic reading with Alana
    Charay S says: I had a general reading with Alana and I must say I was impressed with her accuracy and insight. She told me about my new job and that it would come with great reward and recognition, which was ironic because I had been questioning a new job I started a month ago! She gave me insight into gifts I should focus on using and into certain aspects of my personality and habits I needed to avoid, for example like how I use planning as a way to procrastinate and how I tend to doubt myself. All, very accurate. I asked her specific questions about business ideas and my love life and she gave me helpful information on those areas too. I highly recommend her! You won’t regret it.
    Reading from Alana
    Dominec H says: Impressively accurate. I like to get a general reading just to feel out people who are new with hireawitch. She asked about me moving and gave specific locations to where I was looking, she also was aware of some of my more intimate career details and provided insight into how a situation was going with a troubled family member. I always give props where they are due. Alana did a great job!
    Tarot reading
    Nicole B says: My tarot reading was very informational and I really enjoyed it. Alexander was very professional and gave me a lot of insight. Thank you!


    New Year and renewed love!
    Paulette G says: I’ve been working with Mokimko for a little while now and we’ve been working on getting my relationship back on track and to improve things over all. So things have actually been moving very quickly and I’ve been very happy with everything so far. She’s been great with her advice, insight and of course her spells! New years eve, we finally made things official again, which was one of the goals we’ve been working on! I’m very excited about 2017 and things are really going great with him! Thank you, Mokimko, for all you have done and you will do for me in the future 🙂


    Kevin V says: I’ve been working with Mokimko for about a month now to get my ex gf back after she had broken up with me thanksgiving week. She told me that she was sure she didn’t want any part of me and I was left devistaed, I didn’t know what to do who to go to or what to think. I don’t know why but I looked online about spells and take for granted that I NEVER MESSED WITH SPELLS OR NO ANYTHING ABOUT THEM. I can across several websites and was scared because like everyone else I was afraid of getting scammed out of money. Then I stumbled upon this website and looked into it and set up a spell consolation with her for 30 minutes and it left me speechless. She said that she still loves me but is uncertain of a lot of things and everything it would take to get her back but point being that she said that she can see us together again and happy. So we agreed to work together and came up with a very detailed spell program to get her back, at first when she told me the price I almost had a heart attack but I’m sticking with it and it’s been about a month now since we’ve started and it’s been different for the most part. She said to hold off on texting her because it may not be a good idea but she says that the spells are working and that when the time is right she’ll tell me when to text her. I have talked to her while I was was working with Mokimko but it’s been nothing crazy or positive and even when I lose faith she tells me that it’ll work out and I gotta be more positive and trust that this will work. As of late she saw a possible rebound and when she told me that I felt my heart dropped. She then on the spot came up with a very detailed strong spell to assure that doesn’t happen with him or anybody else. She then told me that it won’t happen and to not worry about it so I jumped on the gun to have that spell casted asap. She’s been casting spells and even though I haven’t heard from my ex gf in about 3 weeks she assures me that it’s working and she’s thinking a lot. It makes it hard to believe in spells when you don’t know if it’s working or not. I hope that rebound doesn’t happen and I trust Mokimko even when I’m feeling that it won’t work. She said it won’t happen and I believe her. When I lose faith she tells me that it’ll be ok. I just hope that it all works out soon and she said that we’ll communicate with her soon and I’m nervous, scared, and everything. I really do love her and I trust Mokimko when she says that she still thinks of me and loves me. I will be updating time to time to see how these spells work. Hopefully it’ll all workout and I believe in Mokimko and she says it will and I believe her and I give her my trust. I trust you Mokimko thank you for being patient and kind. I look forward to positive results.
    Mokimko is awesome as always
    Sha S says: Been working with mokimko for a while now she is always on point and very understanding I recommend everyone to her !!


    Alexandra Rocks
    Felisza N says: I have been getting readings from Alexandra for over a year now and have never been disappointed. She always takes her time with you and hits the nail on the head. A teacher had a teacher so although I am a gifted person I am still learning and when not sure of answers I receive she always puts things into perspective, confirms, and sheds light on some things I missed. Looking forward to a long spiritual relationship with Alex. 🙂


    Anna F says: Mokimko is great, as usual. Her sensitivity is impressive!
    Alexandar is AMAZING!
    Yuliana S says: I’ve used Alexander many times and everytime she has made me cry. Not in a bad way of course. She makes me realize things that I’m doing wrong. Always have a special way of seeing things and she is very down to earth and let’s you know how it it is. She’s like a best friend who guides you to the right direction. Always friendly. If I had a change to meet her in person I will give her a big warm hug. Alexandar is the best!!! Will keep coming for more!!! Thank you A
    My savior !!!
    Ann L says: La Ganesha attended to me 2 days back when I m having some issues I don’t know how to resolved. She called me immediately and patiently listened to me. She told me my issues will resolved over the next few days. I looked forward to the speedy recovery. I recommend La Ganesha to anyone who need help, she is kind and responsive.
    Weight loss
    Sandra Z says: Mokimko has helped me so much and her spells definitely work. I lost a total of 23 lbs so far and I just have about 10 more to go to reach my goal! I’m beyond excited and I love the way I look. I bought a magical item from her for weight loss and she also did a few spells to increase my metabolism and get rid of my bad cravings. It all worked beyond my expectations. I can’t wait to reach my final goal, which she says will be sooner than I think! :))))
    Tony M says: Write your reviewThere was this company I had been trying to get hired on with but there were some blockages. We did a spell to remove the blockage. I was hired this week by that company. I recommend La Ganesha 100%.
    My experience
    Anonymous c says: I have been working with La Ganesha for some time now and I love her! Its never uncomfortable she treats me just like a friend. She has been by my side through different phases of my life. Lately, we have been targeting my self growth as well as my new relationship. We did some work over the months on the person I just started seeing and the results are clear, at first it was nothing serious and in a reading she actually saw some of the obstacles I would face with them. With some work the obstacles were resolved. We also worked on someone from their past who was kind of a barrier on our relationship and its amazing because not long after she did this for me the person quit trying to interfere. As far as my self growth, all work has been successful as well. You of course have to do your part along with the spell for the fullest outcome but it is powerful the changes that can be made. Its like taking control of your life, it is always a good investment 🙂 I get readings every now and than to also check on everything and make sure I stay on the right path. Working with her has brought me to a very happy place in my life. Much love always
    Annon A says: I had a wonderful chat and spell consultation with La Ganesha at first we missed each other on phone but she immediately sent an email and we booked another time she guided me even with the time zones as am in another country talking to her was a very good experience,she is very patient,listened to me and understood my problem right a way she then told me how she will handle it. sshe gave me the cost and we agreed i pay in 2 parts when she started the work she informed me .so she has just started the work i will sent another review later on how we get on otherwise so far she has come in my life at the right time.she actually knows and understand how to work with people. La Ganesha is amazing!!!!
    Straight to the point
    Anna F says: I just wish I weren’t so far away. However, that fact never seem to have interfered at all. I’ve been a client for over an year now. My case is really full of obstacles that sometimes seemed impossible. But she has been teaching me to be patient to get what I want. I look back and see amazing progress. I look forward and feel great motivation to proceed. Almost there… Thanks for all so far and for not giving up on me.
    The love of my life
    Anonymous B says: I’ve been working with Mokimko for a little while now and I’m happy report that her spells worked! We hit a few road bumps in the process due to some outside influences, but something told me to keep my faith and trust in what we were doing and I’m so glad it paid off! My husband had left me for another woman and it was a very complicated situation, but now he’s back and thing are so much better than even before he left. And she took care of the home wrecker too, which was an added bonus! lol Thank you, Mokimko!
    Rachel G says: Words can’t even express how much Mokimko has changed my life since I came to her several months ago. We’ve worked on so much to get my life back on track after some very horrible turn of events. And there was much work needed! I can honestly say that back then everything seemed hopeless and I really couldn’t even fathom how things could possibly turn out, but they did and I have her to thank for everything. My depression has subsided, my work life is 10 times better, my home life is now amazing (along with my love life) and now I have hope for the future, which is something I couldn’t even see before. She’s truly a life saver and this life thanks her for the honor of being saved by her. Thank you so much, Mokimko!
    Bright and psychic
    Kathleen B says: I have been looking for awhile for someone with enough skill to be able to help me. I live in Mount Shasta Ca. And there are some witches here that have been hard to deal with. I talked to La Ganesha and I was impressed. I felt very confidant that she has the psychic ability and knowledge to be able to help me. It is very hard to find someone like this.
    On point always
    Toni M says: I have readings with Laganesha just about every week for about a year now. She has become a good friend of mine. Her readings are always on point. You cant go wrong with her.
    Broken to Free
    Brittani H says: I don’t even know how to explain hire a witch. For so long I was scammed by many who claimed to be the real deal 7 months I did to try and get my ex back after a terrible fallout. But it’s amazing how things can change bc as we were working on him with La Ganesha being so kind and so helpful I met someone else someone that was so unexpected in my life but whom I have decided to move forward with. I was afraid after the work we had done to bring my ex back La Ganesha might be irritated or judgr me bc he has a girlfriend. But she really didn’t after looking into things she saw they won’t last and after making sure I wouldn’t ruin a lifetime of happiness I’ve decided to take the chance so far I haven’t had any regrets La Ganesha has been amazing and I would recommend her to anyone she truly cares and truly knows what she is talking about. She will give you only the best guidance and hold your hand through your struggles and depression. She keeps you updated on everything going on as well. Thank you La Ganesha I am so grateful for you and can’t wait to see what happens next.
    Cathy B says: My reading with Mokimko was very on point! She picked up on things that there’s no way she could have known, so I know she’s the real deal. She made me aware of things going on in my situation behind my back that I wasn’t aware of but now that I know I can handle things better going forward. This was my first reading with her but I’ll be back for more next week. She gave me some very good advice and I’m going to follow it.
    Breakup spell
    Trina W says: Mokimko is awesome! I ordered a breakup spell on this couple for my own personal reasons and I just found out last night that they broke up! This is amazing because they were completely in love and all over each other before. 5 stars!!
    Cash in the bank
    Gion J says: Mokimko did a money spell for me to target some very specific things and so far they are working out great! I’ve been able to get my finances back in order, pay off some debt and my bank account is looking better than it has been in a long while. I just had a reading with her and she said more is coming, so I’m just waiting on that, but I am very excited about these results and I know I’ll be back for more spells soon!
    So detailed, many thanks
    happy y says: I got a reading with La Ganesha to check up on some work we did. We were looking into a relationship with two other people.. She had told me that the love was lost between them and that their is a breakup in place. She said the person I’m checking up on wants to runaway from the relationship and that they are facing a lot of problems especially financially. Mind you, all over social media and in person they act like they are as happy as can be but I would say 2 weeks after our reading this person wanted too talk to me and told me how unhappy they are in their relationship and that they want too pack up and leave (and they literally did). They also explained their in debt and that the other person involved wont work or do anything to contribute. They went into detail with what’s been going on and it matched La Ganesha’s words exactly. I am blessed to have such a good connection with her & to be able to have these readings to gain more insight and balance in my life. Thanks again too you 🙂
    My Relationship
    Faith T says: I’m very happy with the work that was done to bring my relationship back to where it was and better. My boyfriend left me due to some issues we were having for a long time and I came to Mokimko very upset and desperate. She handled me and everything with great care and most importantly brought him back to me! We are so in love and happy now and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me. She’s 100% honest all the time and I appreciated the tough love she gave me at times too. I’m relieved that I can breathe again and really enjoy my life with the love of my life 🙂
    Things are looking clear!
    Karla M says: Just wanted to say THANK YOU, Mokimko, for the spell work you’ve done on my back. It hasn’t looked this clear in years! For sure we still have more to do but it’s great to see where it is right now!! Thank you x50000!
    weight loss
    Lea S says: Mokimko is amazing!!! Being a witch and healer I needed to do some self improvement on myself and loose weight, to be healthier, more motivated and happier. In 2 months time I have joined a gym in fact I am now going 5 times a week and doing about 2 miles on the treadmill, I also changed what I ate, cut sodas etc. I am feeling so much better and the best shape I have been in years! Thank you so much and blessings!!! )0(
    My life is so much better
    Megan J says: I was in a very bad place when I first came to Mokimko. And I mean VERY bad! But through her help, care and sometimes tough love, I’m in a place where I now feel like I’m living the life and am the person I’m supposed to be. I was lost for so long and severely depressed. I really know that she was sent to me for a purpose and she’s truly changed my life and opened me up to new possibilities I didn’t even know were possible. The work she does is AMAZING and that word is not even strong enough to convey how I really feel. She has a serious gift and I’m just glad she’s willing to share that gift with those so fortunate to work with her. 🙂
    My rock!
    Anonymous S says: I have been facing different things lately and La Ganesha has been here through it all the way! Not only does she put up with my readings which I have been getting every week but she truly gives her full energy and effort into the time she gives you! I have had a loved one dealing with some health issues and nobody knew where they were and their was no way to contact them, she told me in a reading that she saw they were highly medicated and numb. A few days later I got a call saying they were admitted in healthcare and turns out were on medication.. (Amazing that she knew that information) I feel she truly does care about her clients and its not all for the money, she always is there for me and she is my rock when I am down or need extra help. I will reach success on my own but with you by my side I will go beyond that! Thank you La Ganesha!!! Much love, much love!
    … . says: Mokimko is super talented and honest. I booked a consultation and reading. She said she will help me get back with my love and i know she will. She told me things about myself i didn’t even realise. So happy i found her. She is a blessing. Looking forward to starting the process with her. I have spoken to many spell casters and trust her implicitly.
    Jeffrey I says: I ordered a curse on a few people recently and she did a powerful job! Their lives are already starting to fall apart and I’m sitting with popcorn, just watching it all unfold! lol Everything so far has been swift, professional and accurate.
    Spell check
    Matt E says: My last review the name was spelled wrong.. Mokimko.
    Very satisfied
    Matt E says: I worked with mikimko, she was very clear, honest, and accurate. Gave me the insight i was looking for and ill be doing more work with her soon.
    Thank you
    AL L says: I have been working with La Ganesha and what were working on has been moving so quickly, thanks to her help 😉 I am happy with the results. She has been really patient and understanding with my needs and questions just like a friend would. That is very appreciated by me. I’m excited to see how everything unfolds. Much love
    Great work
    George A says: I hired this company to do some very important work for me and I worked Mokimko on several issues. She was very easy to work with, get along with and easy to trust. All of my goals were met and I’m very happy with her work. I will be hiring her again for some other upcoming issues. I’m very pleased!
    My spell plan
    Anonymous s says: Leaving a review for my recent work with La Ganesha. Their was a situation in my life I saw coming to an end simply because of life’s ways getting in the way of me and this person, when I say life’s ways I mean financially,other people being involved and physically too. We did some work to remove all of these blockages so we can continue building our relationship. Let me tell you, not only a few days after I noticed a difference,The person reached out to me and we have been talking allday everyday and their attitude towards me has changed in a positive way. Ive also seen movement and the blockages are starting to fade away. La Ganesha is very informative and answers all your questions, if you follow the advice given to you and do your part so that the spell works best for your favor you will see change/results. I’ve seen my situation flip within the matter of just a few days and I continue to look fwd to more results!! YOU ARE AMAZING THANK YOU!
    Great job
    Tera B says: Will be working with HW again
    Very Happy with the Results
    Simone Y says: I worked with Mokimko on getting my relationship back in order after some very nasty and explosive circumstances that became beyond my control. Everything worked perfectly and quickly and he’s back in my life for good now. I’m very relieved because I’ve never loved someone so much in my life. She was very caring and understanding every step of the way and I really appreciated that. She’s an excellent witch and I would recommend her to anyone!
    laurie k says: Alexander k was great, she offered me clarity to some things I had questions about in my love life, she is very friendly, and answered all my questions, she is very nice and insightful, will be returning again!!!!
    Love Spells
    Teresa J says: I had Mokimko do a few spells for me to clean up some things in a relationship and bring this person back to me. There were lots of issues and other people involved that she had to gain control of and get the outcome I wanted. She did excellent work and everything she said would happen, happened! He’s back now, the other people involved are no longer an issue and our relationship is getting stronger every day! I’m still going to buy a few more spells to get him to propose and for his mother to like me more. I feel 100% comfortable and confident with Mokimko and her work. She is definitely the real deal and I’m so happy I found her 🙂
    Perfect Reading!
    Jaquasia F says: I just had a reading with Mokimko and everything she said was 100% on point. She picked up on a lot of things I didn’t tell her and she was able to give me some really good advice on how to move forward in my situation. She definitely has talent. I am very happy and will be getting regular readings with her going forward. I’m happy I found someone authentic.
    Money well spent and received!
    Viv Z says: Mokimko did a money spell for me and some spells to improve my business and I have to say that I am simply floored by the results! I received the money I wanted (in fact I received much more than I initially wanted) and my business picked up almost immediately after she cast the first spell! That led to even more money so you can say that I’m a very happy customer right now. Mokimko is very powerful, intelligent and my new best friend! lol Thank you!
    Can’t say thank you enough!
    anonymous s says: I get readings from time to time for that extra guidance and intuition to keep myself on the right track and I am always amazed! I consult with La Ganesha and she knows what she’s talking about.. Very talented, always on point with her readings, and always looking out for my best interest. Right now we are doing some work for healing and continued work on a issue I am facing right now in my life. The results have been evident and successful. I highly recommend consulting with her. My angel on earth thank you 🙂
    It works!
    EM H says: La Ganesha is an awesome spell caster! Everything she ever did for me came true and she understood my suffering very well. I always find myself going back to her for guidance. The price is worth it, the spells are worth it and Ganesha is worth it too!
    Thankful for the services
    Momma S says: I have been working with La Ganesha she’s is by far the best. She is helping me resolve some issues in a relationship. It’s been two weeks and so far the results are by far amazing. She has giving me hope. She has been right on point with her readings and spell casting. I highly recommend her. She’s angel, she’s a life savor!!
    Great revenge & much more
    Janet K says: I contacted Mokimko because I was wronged and some people needed to pay. I was in very bad shape emotionally and mentally and she picked up on that right away. She convinced me to not just focus on revenge, but to also focus on myself and healing so I can move on with my life. I am so grateful for her care and advice. I was adamant about the revenge so we did that and it worked perfectly. But I also took her advice and let her do some healing on me and I have to say I’ve never felt better. I thought I was just going to get some revenge, but I ended up with that and more. She really changed my life. She is very powerful and serious about her work and she is also a gift from heaven at the same time.
    Life changing
    Anonymous . says: Mokimko literally changed my life and put my relationship & family back together. I was facing the demise of my relationship. My guy was adamantly against being together and behaved and spoke as if he wanted nothing to do with me or our family anymore. Our breakup was very painful amd something he said he was sure he wanted 100%, the end. Also, there was another woman involved who was revealed to have (through multiple sources) used witchcraft on him for selfish purposes. There were many negative influences involved and things seemed stacked against me and hopeless. This was a year ago. Mokimko guided me through a spell plan. At times it got difficult. I lost my faith. I didn’t see how it could work, even when she insisted it would. At times I felt like quitting. It was very hard because I was not used to putting all my faith into a witch, but something kept telling me to hold on. She has completely disarmed the other witchcraft used against him & against our relationship, gotten rid of negative influences & brought us back together in a really sweet, loving way when we were so broken & our family was falling apart. We are very much together again. I almost can’t believe I’m writing this. She is the real deal. She WILL make things happen for you and if she can’t or doesn’t see them working, she will tell you or find you an alternative. She is the real deal. Mokimko has been my angel, like a mentor and confidant (even though I drove her nuts sometimes with my worrying!) If you don’t believe Magick works, hire her and see what happens. You will change your mind!
    A great connection as always!
    A. H says: Somehow, the system changed my appointment from am to pm. When I didn’t hear from her at my scheduled time, sent an email about it and recieved a call from Alexandra within minutes! Great service! I could never say enough about Alexandra, she’s a great person to connect with. I call periodically to checkin and make sure I’m on track (or as close to it as possible) as a practittioner of Haitian Vodou for many years, I have learned enough that even as a Mambo or Houngan it doesn’t hurt to have the counsel of those also vested and connected spiritually! I appreciate her for selflessly sharing her gifts. Much thanks and appreciation!
    fitness work
    Jake M says: I practice magic myself, but am not adept at biology magic, so I sought out Mokimko for help to get me in the best shape for a fitness competition. She did several spells, which helped me build muscle faster and get leaner. Being into fitness for a while now, I know my body well so when it started changing faster than normal, I knew it was definitely the magic that was doing it. She is an excellent resource for people like me who do magic for themselves but may not have the level of experience or expertise needed to accomplish certain things. She is very knowledgeable about everything and even taught me a few things just in conversation! And the best thing is that I’m in the best shape of my life and did better than I ever had before in the competition! I came in 2nd place where the previous year I was 5th place. I didn’t want her to do a spell to make me win for sure because I also wanted the hard work and to see where I fell. I will definitely be working with Mokimko for future competitions and other areas as well. She is truly an expert in her field.
    Mokimko Spells
    Anon B says: Leaving a review for the spells I’ve concluded.. 1. Job spells Was for an interview that I had, some tangible signs of success, for example when I was getting on the train there was a girl sitting next to me and she had the same interview on that day and I had it the next day so it was crazy and I got tips from her afterwards. The interview itself was kind of coincidential because the questions they gave me were something that I knew about already (so not really a coincidence because I had got the energy in my favour from the spell). Thanks for that. 2. Healing and money spell, which removed some root level issues, which I have to maintain myself but at least it was removed. Got some new work project and money through that. Overall tangible results, responsive people, the jobs I needed got done.
    great money Spell
    Jimmy F says: I got a powerful money spell from Mokimko just 2 weeks ago and I already got over $3k! And I just had a reading with her and she saw even more coming so I’m excited! This has been crazy and I’m amazed at the results from such an inexpensive spell to get so much money from it. Everything has been perfect, from the consultation to the results and the reading. I can see how spell work can get addictive now lol. Mokimko has some serious power and I’m glad I found her! She rocks!!
    I tried to get help
    wanda w says: I had a reading with mokimko flame she told me she had communicated with her spirits they said they could not help me i’m disappointed.😞
    True blessing
    A. L says: I always end up impressed after my readings and consultations with La Ganesha! I I have gone to her for about a year now with simple things as well as complexed things. She is very patient and understanding about all subjects and I have never felt judgement upon me, which makes the readings comfortable. Over this past year I have been up to date with my readings and we have done some work in different places of my life when needed, she always succeeds and is very honest and detailed with you during the process. I have always been drawn to bettering myself spiritually and gathering insight but there is no other place as genuine as this business! With her talent and insight she has led me to a more positive and peaceful place in my life 🙂 I will continue working with her, THANK YOU La Ganesha
    I need to get the blackmagic off my ex
    wanda w says: I want to say mokimko flame was truthful about the sitaution. SHE WAS RIGHT IT going to take seven momonths to remove the blackmagic from my ex what his ex girl has done i didnt have much hope before her services i am glad that i found somebody that can help me not lie to take the money.Its costly but very worth your happiness in the end.
    relationship spell
    anon K says: I got a spell from la ganesha for improving my relation with my mother and literally overnight she was much more cooperative and ready to cooperate. It worked quite fast and was quite specific so i was happy it worked out .. thanks
    Love spells
    Brianna F says: I was in a very negative and depressed state when I contacted Mokimko for help. She was very understanding, caring and nonjudgmental of my situation, which I really appreciated. She came up with a very impressive and comprehensive plan to get my boyfriend back and it worked like a charm! We’re now back together, living together and he’s more in love with me than he has ever been! He’s great with my son and I can honestly say that life is really great right now. I wish I found her a long time ago, but now that I have, I’m keeping her and my personal witch for everything lol. Thank you, Mokimko!
    Anna F says: Mokimko has helped me see possibilities in my love life, I thought I would never be able to have. Although much work is still needed, I amazed with what she is able to do and trust her completely.
    Prosperity Spell
    Prosperity S says: I ordered a prosperity spell from La Ganesha to remove personal negative energy surrounding prosperity. It reflected in my life experience in terms of small events or just easier flow of things, as well as job options, and general outlook. The spell was successful.
    La Ganesha!!! On Point!!
    Angela H says: My reading experience with La Ganesha was MAGNIFICENT:) Amazing Reading!
    Johnelle J says: Mokimko saved my daughters life! I will forever thankful for that! She is amazing in all the work I have done with her. I am still a little shy on more owkr with her but I am working on myself on that part. But will for sure continue to work with the best witch I know 🙂
    Money Spells & Business success & Readings
    Barbara S says: I’ve been trying to get my business off the ground for a few years and it’s been hell trying to get the right customer base, keep them interested and obtaining lots of new paying customers. Mokimko changed all of that within just a few weeks. She is very business savvy, so not only did she do money spells and bring me tons of paying customers, but she also gave me some very sound business advice and used her psychic abilities to help me make some very smart strategic moves that paid off. She is a huge asset for anyone to have and I’m very happy that I have her on my side!
    Awesome reading!!!!
    Berny S says: Alex is incredible.Very accurate!!
    Reading was on point!!
    Anonymous T G says: I had a reading with Laganesha and it was to the point..she was dead on point with everything she said!! She even made my day that day. .
    Mokimko for the win!!
    Karla G says: Mokimko is seriously amazing. She is so thorough, clear, honest, knowledgable, and something about her makes you feel comfortable speaking about even uncomfortable issues. She’s helping me with a few beauty spells to heal conditions I’ve dealt with most my life, and it is such a great feeling to be able to do something about them! One of the many things that make her great is her usage of science with magic to bring about true change. She was seriously placed in our lives to help. A blessing she is 🙂
    Always on point
    A. H says: I highly reccomend Alex! She is clear, concise and accurate. I value her gifts and consult with her periodically to maintain my checks and balances. Even as spiritualists, we at time should consult with other spiritualists to help maintain balance. I see it as a strength. There may come a time when you may not be able to see fully for yourself. I’m honored to have met you and as always inspired by you gifts!
    Readings and Spells
    Anonymous B says: Recently I’ve had readings and spell casts. What I was impressed with was the accuracy of the readings because I verified the information with external sources, for example warnings about people, and my own gut instinct. I was also impressed with the fact that they followed up with the progress of the spells, and informing me what was blocking the progress of the spell, and then suggesting how to remove that. The spells do work, sometimes things may get in the way, but they can be removed. Thanks going out to La Ganesha and Mokimko in the recent past with the readings/spells that I have done.
    Money Money Money!
    Samuel J says: I was in a bad situation and was about to be layed off when I came to Mokimko for help. I knew right away that I could trust her and something about her just told me I was in good hands. She cast a few spells to fix my situation at work and even increase my money. In the end, I ended up not getting layed off AND even got a promotion to a position that didn’t even exist before! So I got a raise and everything really turned around. This was a my first time going to a witch and I even thought I was crazy for doing it in the beginning, but she’s made me a true believer! She has a customer and friend for life! Love you, Mokimko, and so does my wallet! lol
    Terrance W says:  I had them do several curses on one of my enemies that had been threatening me. I wanted them to lose everything and to make their life a living hell. And of course for them to stop threatening me and bothering me. Everything worked perfectly! They are in such bad shape and are literally losing everything around them! They’ve even had family members in the hospital! I’m very happy with this work And I agree with other reviewers that I would definitely not want to be on their bad side! 🙂 great work!
    Legal Issues
    Anonymous 1 says: I was going through some legal issues and had a court date coming up, I was nervous going into it and reached out to La Ganesha. It was an urgent matter and she fit me right in for a consultation. She provided me insight on how she saw my case turning out and made a few suggestions on how she could help, with my nerves being so high I was worried but I went through with what she suggested and when I arrived at court it came out the case was completely dropped!! This also caused alot of negativity in my life so she worked on removing the negativity from my life as well. My court case got completely dropped in the matter of a week and I felt the negativity in my life fade.. Very loyal to her clients & amazing at what she does 🙂 Thank you!!
    Readings are very accurate
    Ron E says: I think I’ve had readings with every reader here and they are always crazy accurate. I have always had a great experience with everyone here. They are all very personable, some are funny and most importantly I get the information I need and not a bunch of crap I already know. I would recommend this to anyone interested in real psychic readings. I haven’t tried the spells yet, but I’m certain those are good too.
    Depression – Energy Healing
    Elisa R says: Durante mucho tiempo sufri y estuve en la oscuridad asta que contacte a La Ganesha. Su trabajo de nacion ha sido INCREIBLE he logrado volver a mis estudios, mi finanza esta mucho mejor mi Depresion ha sido SANADA. Pense que nunca podria sanar pero gracias a mi guia mi consejera he logrado salir de la oscuridad. Muchisimas gracias La Ganesha.
    My Freedom!!!
    Michael P says: I had a court issue got arrested i was going to court back and fourth for months until a friend of mine recommended La Ganesha at first I was skeptical, I never used a spiritual guide before, but La Ganesha did her work, and I was able to win my case in court. The case was dismissed thanks to La Ganesha!!!
    Jillian P says: I’d been stuggling with anorexia for many years now and was starting to have some serious health issues. I tried so many things and they didn’t really work that well so I decided to try witchcraft. I worked with Mokimko and her do a bunch of spells on me to handle the different parts of the problem, but also to make sure I did not end up gaining a bunch of weight and becoming my worst nightmare. After doing a chakra balancing and a past life thing, she was able to discover the root of the problem and fix it. I’ve been working with her for several months now and I’m doing so much better, I cannot thank her enough! She is my angel! And I look great 🙂
    Love is in the air 🙂
    Anonymous R says: When your going through a hard time, you look for the light, I found that light in Mokimko. She was my light when I was going through the most difficult breakup of my life. Not only did she get me through this very dark period with her guidance and care, but she also turned my situation around on many levels. I am grateful for her guidance, friendship, care and help. I am a customer and true believer for life. Thank you!
    Energy healing
    Energy H says: I got a notification for a review, and would like to review that I ordered for energy clearing for a friend. I think they have a good understanding of what energy healing is and what it’s effects are. I have yet to find out what manifested because it was only done yesterday, but I have positive expectancy. In general, the responses from the company were swift and they were able to help out at short notice.
    Love Spells
    Amanda K says: I had a few love spells cast to get my boyfriend back in line and to bring us closer like we used to be. Mokimko did an EXCELLENT job and the results were surprisingly fast! I could see the difference in him right away after the first spell and in no time, we were back as we used to be. Things seem to just keep getting better between us each day, so I’m very excited! Thank you!
    money spell
    Mark F says: I did a consultation, a few readings and a money spell and I’m very happy with the results. All the info was correct and the money came faster than expected. I’m impressed with the power, professionalism and results.
    Alex gets 10 stars!
    Tisha B says: Alex is the truth! I hadn’t spoken to my guy in a few days. We had been experiencing some challenging times and to make matters worse he went on vacation without me. I asked Alex what the future held for us and she reassured me that everything would be ok and that he would call me when he returned, just be patient. Well HE CALLED ME AS SOON AS HE LANDED! We talked and laughter for an hour. Alex is amazing and continues to be on point. Looking forward to the other things she said to come to pass! I love her!
    It worked!
    Kim J says: I ordered a few spells through Mokimko to bring back my boyfriend and he called me just a few days later like she said he would and we’ve been pretty happy and loving! I definitely recommend this service to everyone! He’s my soul mate and I’m so glad he’s back! I felt empty without him.
    Anonymous K says: I ordered a Spell with La Ganesha to make someone interested in me, the person started showing interest by communicating more and taking interest. La Ganesha gave advice regarding how to proceed with the person, how to appear, and basically how to make sure my actions were in line with the aim of the spell. She also updated me on what the situation was with the person, as the spell progressed.
    Hassan P says: Not even trying to sugar coat this… Mokimko is the shit! Plain and simple! She did things to fix some problems I was having and shit ain’t been the same since. Real talk! She got shit riiiite! Mokimko for President!
    Anonymous K says: I had a reading with Alexandar who spoke to her entities and gave me information on what other people were doing and perspective on my relations with other people. I found the information to be detailed and matching with my own experience. I was given some indication of future events as well. I also had a reading with La Ganesha who offers insightful information on issues of relationships and how to go about dealing with them. Overall the employees I have dealt with have given me on target information. Thanks.
    L.T. W says: Mokimko did some work for me and I’m amazed at how quick and on point the results were. She is very fierce and powerful and I have to admit I’m a bit scared of her lol. But I will definitely be back for more work. I’m very happy with her work.
    Alex the Great
    Tisha B says: I have been calling Alex about once a week for the past two months. She is like my BFF who is wise beyond her years and actually gives good advice. Last night I had a reading with Alex. After I hung up and about 15 minutes later my future husband called me like she said he would. He also explained a situation just as she said he would. And I responded the way Alex suggested for the best results 🙂 It was amazing!
    My boyfriend
    Karla W says: I came to Mokimko with so much going on in my life, but the main reason was to get my boyfriend back. She immediately saw the other things that were holding me back in life as well and worked with me to not only get my boyfriend back, but to become the best me, so to speak. Everything she did worked so well and quickly and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done. She has truly changed my life and for that I will forever be grateful. I did get my boyfriend back, but more importantly our relationship is 10x better than it was before because she made us both better people and removed a lot of junk that was getting in the way. Thank you!
    A satisfied customer!
    Toni G says: LA GANESHA performed a cleansing for me and I feel like a whole different person. The change took place literally the next day..also she is a very kind and understanding person..she always answers when I contact her. I have other work being done and will update those results at a later date…I’m really glad I met her.
    Chris K says: I had Mokimko do a healing on me and I have to say that I literally feel like a different person. This whole experience was top notch from the beginning. She’s kind, caring and very good at what she does. We’ll be working on other things together too so I’ll be sure to update about that as well, but I know this will bea long and fruitful relationship. 🙂
    Incredible-customer for life
    Devi K says: I’ve been working with Mokimko to get my boyfriend back after a nasty falling out. We didn’t speak for months until I met Mokimko. She made a detailed plan, and within weeks everything she said would happen- happened. She’s super caring & understanding & puts up with annoying people like me because I’m a pain in the ass when I’m sad lol I plan to utilize hireawitch in all aspects of my life: from love to my career. I’ll definetely be a customer forever. Mokimko is truly amazing!
    light at the end of the tunnel
    wanda w says: I was amazed that i got the truth from la genesha she told me the truth i am glad that i took her advice because things would be disasterous if i went to my exs house she saved me. I will be her. Client in the near future.i was told sugary stories by other phychics i didnt feel a good vibe they tell you what want to hear they sell fake stuff that don’t work charge a ton of money.i feel confident withla ganesha. No more phony phychics.
    Non Believer—NOW BELIEVER!!
    Sue B says: Alexandar was very accurate and I was truly amazed as a non-believer how on point she was. I even plan to call back again…which for me says a lot!
    Alexander: Truly Connected
    A.Steph H says: Not much I can say. For a truly honest reading, consider giving this lady a try. She is truly connected, kind and extremely helful. .
    Relationship Spell
    KY B says: I ordered a relationship spell from La Ganesha to get someone who refused to speak to me, to speak to me, and within a few days he was speaking to me and totally relaxed about seeing me in person. The spell worked well and fast. La Ganesha also offered advice on how to support the spell. Consider a relationship spell as it works.
    Love work
    Jess R says: I needed some love work done and worked with Mokimko to get this person where I wanted them romantically, emotionally and mentally. There were some bumps in the road in the beginning, which were due to me not following her advice, but once I started just doing what she told me to on my end while she continued to do the work, everything started falling right in line! I’m so grateful for her and I don’t know where I’d be right now. She’s so caring, powerful and her advice is worth a million, seriously. Just listen and trust her and you will get what you want in the end! Than You, Mokimko, for saving my relationship!
    Anonymous L says: I have been consulting with hire a witch over the months and I have been very pleased with the help they have given me. Recently, I have been having some issues with a person in my life who has been having a hard time. I consulted with La Ganesha and after doing the spellwork she recommended, I have seen a drastic change. Things are looking up 🙂 One thing regarding my situation was that there was a lot of negativity and distance between me and the other person, she gave me insight on how they were feeling and told me to keep my faith high. Not even a week after doing the spells they opened up to me, for the first time in along time. Just one example of my results. She is very talented. Readings with her are crazy accurate! Whenever I am facing issues in my life or simply need some clarity and direction she always gives me the insight and help I need. With no judgement. Amazing 🙂
    Revenge spells
    Maria U says: I am beyond happy with the results of my revenge spells! I hired Mokimko to get me the revenge I wanted on several people and they all worked perfectly! It’s pretty scary what can be done to people, but I will be ordering this service again!
    I will recommend this service to another
    Maeva D says: Unfortunately, I was running late and so my brain was a little scattered but Alex was very helpful. She was very pleasant and I was fully confident that she was connected to me though i was a bit scattered. She gave me very helpful advise. Well worth my time and money.
    Pleasantly surprised
    Latisha B says: Alexandr’s reading was accurate, insightful and a blessing.
    La Ganesha
    Lisamarie S says: I’ve consulted La Ganesha over the past few months. She has provided me with very accurate readings, has used her sight to offer sound guidance in family and love life issues and is working a revenge spell which had already begun to manifest itself. I have been very pleased with the services and support she has provided!
    Simply Happy J says: Laganesha is soo amazing!! I feel extremely confident about her.. Such an amazing reading.. ACCURATE!!! Wow.. Just Wow!!
    Love spells
    Yenshu C says: I wanted this guy to fall for me and for us to get romantic and Mokimko did some spells. Well, worked and we were together tonight for first time! I so happy this works!
    Exam marks and readings.
    Ka B says: I had a spell cast for successful exam marks by La Ganesha. I had wanted to score at least 77% in my exams (of which there were two). Thankfully I reached the target in one exam, in another it was off target. I think on the day of the exam I was psychologically weak otherwise the exam was easy and I would have surpassed the target. So I would say that the magic helps to manifest specific things, but you can’t rely just on magic to solve all your problems because you have to put in effort/and mitigate the basic obstructions like your mental state, in order for the magic to complement your desire. With regards to psychic reading, the readings were accurate and displayed detailed knowledge of my psychological processes and how I could change to better support the desires that I wanted to achieve.
    past life regression
    Krystal D says: I had a past life regression with Mokimko and it was truly a life changing experience. I would recommend this to anyone looking to find out their true path in life. Wow!
    Spell consultation and reading
    Ana B says: So far, so perfect! No judgments, no moralism…. from my perspective, she was trying to grasp exactly what I needed to get done.
    Drug addiction
    Kyle A says: I found this website through google and ended up working with Mokimko. I’ve been working with her for a little while now. I’ve been addicted to coke for a long time and several events in my life lead me to realize it was time to really stop this time. I been through rehab after rehab, for real. None of those programs ever seemed to work with me. Mokimko let me realize how deep my issues really went and put together a custom plan for me. I’ve been clean for 1 month now today and said I would wait until I reach 1 month before leaving a review. I will say that with all the work she did on me, this time feels very different from the other times i tried to quit. I actually feel right this time and expect it to last. My desire for it is completely gone, which has never happened before, so I know this time is it. Mokimko is definitely real and she’s my guardian angel.
    My experience with La Ganesha
    AL L says: I am and have been a returning client for this company for a couple months now. My advisor is La Ganesha and I have had a amazing experience!! Ive had multiple readings with her and she has done some spell work regarding a couple issues in my life. All her predictions have came true and she is a very talented spellcaster. Im not one to open up to people but when I talk to her about personal things I feel comfortable. She is down to earth and knows her stuff! While doing spells any questions or concerns I have she is more than happy to talk to me about, she is definitely about fulfilling her customers needs. So far every spell she has done for me has mastered every outcome ive wanted and more. I highly recommend working with her!!! Much love.
    My mother
    Janika W says: My mother was bedridden and diagnosed with schizophrenia. She was seeing things and being haunted and her health was getting worse and worse. I’ve been working with Mokimko for a few months now and can’t believe how much she has helped our family! When I contacted her, I was hopeful, but still uncertain if any of this was a just a shot in the air and a waste of money. Well, I quickly found out that it’s not. The most amazing thing was that Mokimko was actually able to cure her schizophrenia in just 1 day! I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out. She explained to me what schizophrenia actually was from both a scientific and spiritual stand point and it was very informative and I couldn’t believe me ears (and it actually makes perfect sense). I’m not going to write about all of that here, but after Mokimko did her thing, the next day my mother confirmed the things she was seeing and hearing were gone and her health started to visibly improve. Now, honestly I was floored, but a part of me thought it was too good to be true, so I was kind of just waiting for it all to come back and get worse again. But it didn’t! We went on to do some healing spells on her and several months later I write this with pride and astonishment to say that my mother is healthy for the most part, able to walk now, no longer bedridden and is very upbeat! I can’t thank Mokimko enough. I really believe she saved my mother’s life and I will forever be grateful for her honesty, compassion and power!
    Angela H says: I have a spell plan currently in progress with Mokimko, so I can’t speak on the final outcome of the entire thing yet, but one of the spells in my plan was a binding on someone that was causing some harm and negative influence in my relationship. This person was basically in a position of influence over my guy at work and constantly in his ear about his relationship business, in a way that wasn’t constructive. Well after the spell was done, it wasn’t even a week later that we got called into a meeting at work and were told that not only would this person’s work load be increasing, so that she would no longer have time to sit in her office and chat people up, but that she also did not hold the proper credentials to be overseeing the department that (my guy) works in and she will no longer be his boss. Essentially she is being reassigned. I left the meeting just like “wow!”…now, she is not out of his life completely, but she is definitely and officially out of that position in his life and for the past week, I haven’t even seen her hardly at all because she’s been so occupied with other work assignments! Normally she is always hanging around, sitting in her office talking to people. I hope it continues like this. If that’s not binding someone from idle gossip, i don’t know what is. Thank you Mokimko. I have a hard time with faith sometimes, but I can say that I believe she is the real deal! This spell was very specific and worked!
    Ben D says: I don’t want to get into all the details of my situation, but I will say that I hired Mokimko for something very big that required a lot of power to pull off and she came through beyond my expectations! She is one bad – ass witch! Lol, I agree with the person below who said they would not want to be on her bad side! Glad she’s on my side!
    The best
    Sc B says: I’ve had readings done by several people here and they are always really good and accurate. I’ve been a long time customer and refer all my friends to them when they have problems or need guidance. 🙂
    Anthony S says: Mokimko did a revenge spell for me and the person’s life was completely destroyed! And I mean destroyed! I felt bad ordering someone’s life to be destroyed at first, but after what they did to me, I felt this was the only justice I could get. So I’m excited that it worked so well. This has shown me 3 things: 1. Mokimko is very powerful 2. I don’t want to ever be on her bad side! 3. I fucking love her!! 😉
    Found my dog!
    Jilly S says: My dog was missing and I hired Mokimko to use remote viewing to find out where he was and if he was still alive or in any danger. My dog is like my baby, so I was completely heart broken and upset. She said someone had stolen him front the front yard and described what the person looked like and where my dog was and even how close what was to me. Well, turns out it was someone nearby that I didn’t know, so she ended up doing a spell to make sure I would find him and get him back. So about a week later I found him! It was a big drama (too long of a story to type here), but he’s back and in good health! Now, I’m about to have her do a revenge spell to get them back for doing such mean and horrible thing! I’ll definitely be using this service for a long time.
    Weight loss
    Francis J says: I had a consultation for weight loss and Mokimko was very thorough in her assessment and came up with a plan I’m pretty excited about! I was referred by a friend who uses this service gets good results, so I am confident that I will too. After speaking with Mokimko, I felt super confident and she just has a way about her. I don’t know what it is, but I just feel really comforable and I just know she can get me where I need to be, which is 20lbs less! She just started my spells today, so I’ll update on my results when I lose the weight. I will say that she is really amazing!
    Reading and consultation
    Angela H says: I had a reading and a spell consultation with Mokimko Flame last night. I felt that we covered all the bases and she was able to tell me in-depth what was going on in my current situation. She was very professional and upfront and i feel really optimistic about the plan of action she is coming up with for me. I feel at ease and hopeful about what is to come. When my situation has concluded as I hope it will, I will give an update. Do what she suggests and don’t skip on her advice because she does know her stuff and she speaks with a great deal of care and concern for you as an individual.
    Psychic Reading
    Kam B says: My psychic reading focused around my exam questions that would come up on my exam and my spiritual progress and general future path. The reading was accurate and instantaneous reply. I obtained original and valuable information regarding my connections with other universal life forms and what to apply in order to resolve some of the things I had brought up. I was initially slightly nervous but my fears were put at ease and I thing this has only been useful for me. I think what makes the people at HAW good is that they are passionate about their skills and work, and are passionate about their clients, and therefore, there is a mutual interest served to the highest good.
    Meri A says: Got my promotion at my job! Thanks Mokimko for all of your hard work!
    alix says: I was refered to Alexander through a friend and was highly impressed..I was worried about my career and relationship, but after talking with her, it was like a heavy load of burden was lifted away from me..she was very professional yet extremely warm and was a great experience that reassured me that there are still good people in this world..I would definitely recommend people check her out ..she is a true artist to her craft..thanks again for everything
    Revenge spell
    Wally Y says: Without giving away too much info on my situation, I had someone I needed to get revenge on and I mean in BIG way. Mokimko hooked me up and threw a whole lot of stuff at this person. Man, when I tell you she put them through the ringer—WOW! Better than I even hoped for! Now I can yell VENGEANCE IS MINE! lol, but seriously, thanks so much for all of your hard work! I have a whole list to go through, so we’ll be bffs! 😉
    Quianna M says: My reading went really well and she provided me some wonderful clarity into my issues. I came to her confused and not sure which direction I should be going, but let with a new sense of purpose 🙂
    Abusive relationship
    Gorgie N says: First, I will begin by saying Mokimko is seriously a life saver! I’m so happy that I found her. She helped me get out of an abusive relationship, restored my confidence in myself, and helped me get my career on track- all in the span of 2 months! We even got to get even with my ex (abusive one) and taught him a lesson, which was awesome! She has taught me that I really do hold the power to acheive and do anything I want in life and not to let anyone take that power away from me and I am eternally grateful for her. I’m FREE and looking forward to finally having a good life!
    Prosperity Spell
    Kelly W says: I just got my promotion and the raise I wanted! Just left my boss’s office and had to write this immediately!! OMG! My life is going to be so much different now and I’m sooooo excited! Thank you for the great work you do!!
    Brand new
    abigail m says: Well I reached out to Hire a witch a year ago to help make things in my life right again. Nothing worked. But I believe I am to blame. I spoke with them again today about the same issue. I HAVE NO REAL OPINION OF THESE PEOPLE. I just promise to tell it like it is. I liked Mokimo. She was very sweet. I just sure hope they work with me because thier final price almost gave me a heart attack! But they did right me a very detailed spell report and sounds like I may be getting a free follow up call.
    Got the love of my life back!
    Colby H says: I’ve been working with Mokimko to get my girlfriend back after a long and ugly falling out and it worked! As of last night, we officially became an item again! I’m so excited because she means so much to me and I’m so thankful to Mokimko for making this happen. Mokimo really put a lot into this and worked with me very closely the whole time. Everything she said would happen happened, even when there were times I felt like nothing would work! I’m so overjoyed right now and I wanted to write this review right away so everything can know what Mo has done for me! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    M A Z says: I’ve been a cutter since high school. when I got to college it got worse and isolated me from everyone because they all thought i was a weirdo. The scars and blood stains were becoming way too noticeable. A friend of mine suggested I call Mokimko because she had done some work for her before and it went good. I was very skeptical, but I did anyway. I am so grateful that I did. She really helped me a lot and I know it’s a long road to recovery, but I’m currently not cutting myself and I’m much happier in general and am starting to even have a social life. I actually have a boyfriend now for the first time! Things are really starting to get better and I never thought they would. Mokimko is so compassionate, caring and extremely smart. I don’t know how witches get their power, but Mokimko is like out of a movie! lol I don’t know where I’d be without her. So I write this review with much thanks and appreciation for everything she has done for me and will continue to do for me in the future! 🙂
    Mediumship Reading
    Jeff B says: I had a mediumship reading yesterday with Mokimko and she completely blew me away! My father died about a year ago and I wanted some closure on some of the issues we had. The entire reading was amazing. Mokimko was describing things, him, how he looked, how his house looked, his personality and everything. There is no way she could have known any of that because I only gave her his name, no pictures or any other descriptions! Wow! And she ended up telling me where my father left a watch he wanted me to have that belonged to his grandfather (my great grandfather). She described to the T where it was and what it looked like. Wel, after the reading, I went to his house last night and found the watch exactly where she said it would be! Aside from that, the communication she gave me with my father during the reading was a very emotional, but healing experience. I was able to get the closure that I needed to some of the issues at hand. I’m so happy I found her and knowing I can communicate with him anytime I want through Mokimko is worth a milion. Thank you soooooo much!!
    Acne is almost gone!
    Tuli M says: I’m a model and was fine for most of my career (i’m 25 and started young), but then all of a sudden I started having pimples and oily skin for the past year. O course, I tried all the normal stuff to try to help, but it didn’t seem to really work. Photographers were getting annoyed with me and complaining that they had to do too much editing after the photoshoots (they can been very mean and nasty). I was starting toget depressed. So I worked with Mokimko and she did some spells to get rid of my acne and also helped me build my self confidence back with other stuff. My acne is now just about gone, with the exception of 1 area by the my ear that is being stubborn and has a pimple or two once in a while. We’re still working on that area and I know it will be gone soon too! Mokimko has really helped me a lot and there’s not enough I can say about her or do for her to really repay what she’s given me. Hope, beauty, self-esteem and laughs! Yes, Mokimko is funny as hell! I love her personality and I trust her 100%. She’s had several chances to take advantage of me and she’s always 100% honest and has even told me not to spend money on some things, so I know she really cares! I feel like she’s a true friend and I’m so grateful!
    Dance Career is FINALLY Moving!
    Tiff P says: I came to Mokimko for help in my career as a dancer her in NYC, which is the most competitive place you can be. She worked with me and did a few spells to get me my first big break! I’m so glad I found her and will be working with her for years to come!
    Liza O says: I’ve been a hoarder since as long as I can remember- before there was even a term for such a thing! I had such a hard time keeping relationships because of it and I finally, after 30 years decided to do something about it. But I knew it would be extremely hard and so I decided to go the witchcraft route. My friend had used this company before and had a lot of success with her issues, so I figured I’d give it a try. I worked with Mokimko Flame and not only did she fix me (sounds funny to say, but I really was broken), but she provided so much clarity to my issue and why I was doing it! I won’t go into all of it here, but after several chakra balancing sessions and a few spells, I am now much happier and no longer hoarding! It has even had a wonderful side affect of making me stand out at work more because my whole attitude about life has changed! Mokimko is truly a life saver! Thank you!!! xoxoxoxoxo
    my 60min reading
    Todd H says: It was everything id hoped for honest and insightful. The best heads up I’ve been given in a very long time. You rock La Ganesha.
    CHRIS P says: if you’re told me years ago that i would regularly hire a witch to help me i’d have laughed! but now i do. so much so that this is the second time i’ve went to court, with no lawyer representing me. i have mokimko on my side and once again i have made a senior solicitor who likely gets paid $500 an hour look stupid. i’m being sued for about $10k ( im based in scotland so not sure of the exchange rate ) but while i’m being sued for this money i’ve cost the pursuer about $8k in legal fees and they’ve not won yet! even if they win at the next hearing the very very best they are doing now is breaking even with their own legal fees. now the solicitors i’m up against are a huge national firm who are sending a senior solicitor to court to oppose me and so far it’s 2 for 2 to me and mokimko! who needs a lawyer when you have a WITCH?!
    My beer belly
    Danny P says: So I’m a guy and I was kinda embarrassed seeking out a witch to do weight loss for me, but I was really self conscious about the beer belly I had grown from my college days. I was trying to get rid of it on my own but nothing seemed to work. I contacted this company (I was still skeptical, but figured I’d give it a shot anyway) and I was actually surprised how knowledgable they were about even the science behind weight loss and all that and how they explained everything to me so clearly about how they mix science with their magic. I was expecting some crazy people to answer the phone! lol, but it’s been about a month and a half now and my beer belly is actually gone! Needless to say, I’m now a HUGE believer! Now I just need a woman to show off my new flatter stomach to! haha! I’ll be ordering more things very soon.
    Battling severe depression
    Courtney L says: I came to this site in desperation after I had really tried everything (medications weren’t even helping really). My depression had gotten to the point where I was afraid to leave my house because I was so suicidal and I honestly thought I would jump in front of a train or something. I had a consultation with Mokimko and she was so kind and caring and I knew I would somehow be ok. We talked for a long time about my history, my tirggers and agreed on a plan for multiple spells to improve my self confidence and overall mood and to get to me to point where I could actually say I’m happy. Well, now I can! It’s been about a month and several spells later, I am no longer suicidal and haven’t been depressed for the past 2 weeks. I find myself waking up almost excited for the day, which is a very foreign feeling for me, coming from not wanting to even get out of bed. I am still getting some more healing to remove deeper negative energy from my past, so it is still an ongoing process, but I can really say that I am 10x better! I couldn’t have done this without her and I really think I may be dead by now if she hadn’t helped me. She has cared about me from day 1 and has always been there when I needed her over the past month. I am forever in her debt. Thank you!
    Mokimko is a REAL down to Earth person!!!
    N. W says: Consultations can be scary. Many “spiritualists” try to be more than what they are. They try to appear SUPER POWERFUL and sometimes act as if though they know it all. Hire -a- Witch is different. Mokimko was extremely easy to talk to and i could tell by the way she came from many different angles that she has MUCH experience and knows what she is doing. Thanks, Mokimko.
    Alexdandar is a true spiritualist and is very much in tune with the spirit world.
    A.Steph H says: A.Hunt: Thoroughly impressed with her abilities. As a long time practitioner of an afro-carribean faith and spiritualist. Even as an initiated priestess, I was so stressed I couldnt see for myself and needed to seek counsel of another spiritualist. Not a weakness, just human. I had come to a point where I was over whelmed with changes occurring in my life.She even gave me information about the spirits I serve..She was clear concise and was able to address my concerns clearly, thoroughly and in detail. She is down to earth,personable and extremely helpful.I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her services. U owe it to youself to get clarity on you r life..Consult with her today!!!!!!
    Very Happy
    Henna P says: They have helped me with my dancing career tremendously and I’ve used this company multiple times. They always do good work and the best is that they are friendly and down to earth. I definitely recommend them to anyone trying to reach their goals and dreams. 🙂
    Dominec H says: I utilize hireawitch on a regular and thus far I have not been disappointed….I have tested both Mokimko and Alexandar K.,Ganesha you are next!!!!!
    So Grateful!
    Olivia D says: First of all, I have to say that I absolutely ADORE Mokimko! She is so caring, honest and really good at what she does! I came to her with a dollar and a dream lol, I was in a really bad place, about to get evicted from my apartment and bunch of other really bad situations going on all at once. She quickly broke everything down to the real issues at hand and worked with me to put together a plan to get back on my feet. All I can say is wow! I’m so grateful for all she has done for me. She was able to save me from getting evicted, made my landlord start being more lenient on my in the meantime, took care of my boss (who was basically being an asshole just because he could), did some healing on me to get rid of my depression (had no idea spells could do that!), and got me some money! lol. I can’t say enough how much she has already changed my life in this short time working with her. I will be working with her some more on some other stuff, so this is definitely a start of a lifelong relationship! CHeers!
    Love Spell
    Kendra P says: I had a consultation with La Ganesha about 2 weeks ago for a love spell and we ended up needed 2 spells, one to heal my x of his issues (the reasons we broke up) and the other to bring him back. Well, I started to notice a change in him just 2 days after the healing spell. He started texting me more and was more flirty than normal. The healing spell definitely worked for him. As of now, we’ve been talking and hanging out more things are looking really good. She just did the love spell this week, and I’m already seeing signs. I’m excited! We’re not officially back together yet, but I know it’s coming! Thanks!
    Kentrell C
    kentrell C says: Very good in what they do…
    Revenge spells 2nd consultation
    Fil C says: Hi guy here i come again to update on my case. 1 week was over and i was worried if its gonna work or not. So Ganesha sugested a 2nd consultation to check how the spells r manifesting. I agreed and paid for the second one. Ganesha says: The guy i want to revenge for destrying my life, will soon get suspended from his job, within weeks. Well i paid for “loose everything spells” so this should be only a start. Then she sugested to pay for “break up spells” so that it makes the case stronger. So i said i will pay for that only after i see some results on wat she has already casted. She predicted that i m going to have fight with some old man, and also that a guy is coming to my path but i am blocking. Untill now i havent seen any results. I’ll post here if i see some result or any prediction come true. In their site they promise 90% of result to all clients. Lets see if i get 50% atleast.
    Reading from Mokimko
    Dominec H says: She is always in good spirit and jovial making my readings a pleasant experience. I ALWAYS Ago to Mokimko BEFORE I make important moves and I AM A CONJURE MAN MYSELF!!! SO THAT SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING!!!😂😂😂😂😂
    Revenge spells
    Fil C says: Everyone before Ganesha rejected to work with me on my case. Everyone told me to move on and forget all that happened to me and that i was badly wronged. I am glad she accepted and agreed that karma has to work. She is going to cast very first spell tonight for me to get justice! I will share here when i get some of result.
    Mokimko is the real deal
    Eso F says: Mokimko is the BOMB and just leaves me in awwww. I haven’t spoken to her on the phone in awhile. There was a girl that I was feeling threatened by, I told Mokimko about the situation and she told me to send a pic of the girl so she can pick up her energy, so I did just that. She told me the girl was weak and she sees health issues with her, Well tonight I found out she has some health issues going on with her back, of course I wasn’t happy about the news about the girl and her heath issues I actually feel bad BUT I’m just in awe and in shock on how Mokimko is so on point, she is the real deal 🙂 and has definitely been bless with plenty of gifts. I’ve worked with Mokimko on two spells as well, nothing has happen yet and that’s only because of the distance but I believe it will def work and I def look forward to the out come. I would Def suggest Mokimko to anyone she’s sweet, she doesn’t judge nothings is to crazy for her to do lol she checks up on you and most importantly she doesn’t take your money. I can truly say that Mokimko will be a part of my life for a very long time. Thanks Mokimko!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t touch this…lol
    Jay L says: I had some run-ins with some people in my neighborhood (drug dealers and such) and found out I had a hit out against me for someone pretty high up the chain if you know what I mean. I worked with Mokimko to protect me and my family (wife and kids). She put all kinds of shit up to protect me and make sure me and mines was not gonna get hurt! I can’t lie and say I wasn’t still scared that something was going to happen, but she kept assuring me I was gonna be fine. Today I find out that the dude they sent to kill me was in my building last night, but he somehow fell down 5 stories and died all over the concrete! He was on his way to kill me but he didn’t a chance to cuz he was too busy falling to his own death! haha! I’m so excited and now I am 100% believer and I know this is shit is REAL! Mokimko also sent some stuff after the dude who ordered all this shit against me too, so I can’t wait to see what happens next with him! I just want to be left alone, so I know someone has my back now. Much love, Mokimko! I could just kiss you!
    It’s starting to work!
    jen m says: La Ganesha cast a spell for me a little over a week ago, and just after a week I started to see positive movement regarding my situation! It surprised me because I didn’t expect anything that quickly! La Ganesha also gave me advice and tips on how to make sure that I’m continuously putting out the right energy for the spell she cast to come to full fruition. I’m really excited to see how things unfold for me 🙂
    susan l says: La Ganesha HELPED ME get my job!!! After a prosperity spell was cast!!! now continue working with La Ganesha on balancing all my Chakras. She was very compassionate and charming!! Cannot wait for my next consultation!!
    Happy So Far!
    Happy C says: I wasn’t sure what to expect when I scheduled my consultation, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. I spoke with Mokimko and she is a delight! She gave me more time than the allotted 30 minutes because she was genuinely interested in learning about my situation and providing me with the best solution possible. We are still working together so I can’t speak to the results quite yet, but what I can say is that she is dedicated and caring. We have been in touch every day by email – she always responds to my questions and concerns without any judgment whatsoever. I am very hopeful about the future outcome of my situation, but no matter what happens, I feel this has been a great experience for me. Very excited to keep working with her!
    Chakra Cleansing
    EvolvingSoul H says: Equallibrium is the basis of all work- Liber Librea. Which means before one can work one needs to find balance and if you do any spiritual or magikal or even mundane work you MUST have that balance. Not every knows how to clear there chakras and some people like myself have me deep issues that inhibit one from desiring to work with the chakras….if you have an issue with facing your issues, I HIGHLY recommend the chakra cleansing at least three sessions.Not until after my first session did I realize that vindictiveness is an issue that I need to deal with and that it is unhealthy for me…the holding on to ‘OLD SHIT’ really effects me not those i am harboring ill feelings towards. It worked so well that I paid for a friend to receive it as a gift and they were in a very bad place and finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Mokimko has very unique skills and talents…..compassion being the greatest of all. Thank you again.
    My love spell in the works..
    Anonymous K says: Mokimko is litrrally a godsend!! AMAZING! I’ve been working with her for about a month in a half maybe two months & she’s the BEST! We have my love spell working in the process so I can’t speak upon the results on that just yet BUT we dis do a healing spell & a couple readings & she definately knows her stuff. Who needs a therapist when you have a kick ass witch on your side? Hahaha I can’t thank Miss Flame enough & I’ll be sure to write about the results of my love spell in a few weeks. Book with Mokimko. She’s seriously the greatest. I love her 🙂
    Fertility Help
    Sandra W says: About fifteen years ago my husband was told that he couldn’t have children because of low sperm count. We had even tried medication to increase it and was not able to get it high enough to be fertile. After talking with Mokimko about our situation she set up a custom spell for us. My husband just took his fertility test and got a positive that he is 20 million per millimeter sperm count and can father a child. We are excited and greatful that we met Mokimko. I will update again especially when I find out I’m pregnant.
    Back on track again
    Mandi S says: Sometimes even longtime practitioners need a little help from time to time. Mokimko is not only a top notch professional in business, but she is all heart. She gave me the gentle kick in the chakras I needed to get back to doing what I do best!
    maribel l says: Maribel Lara: La Ganesha es mi Guia Espiritual!!! Sus lecturas de las Cartas y sus Conjuros me han ayudado enormemente!! Su Paciencia,Honestidad y Conocimiento me hacen confiar enormemente en ella!! ! Estoy grandemente satisfecha con toda la ayuda espiritual y magica que La Ganesha me ha ofrecido!!!!
    Amazing and Accurate
    Sandra W says: I have been working with Mokimko and she is wonderful. She has been spot on with situations that I have been going through and have been through. She is my go to girl for advice, spells and chakra balancing work.
    Anonymous M says: I am an actress and worked with both La Ganesha and Mokimko to get some things sorted out in my life and career. I can’t say enough how much they’ve truly helped me and made a difference in my life. They even flew to LA to meet with me and perform some work for me, which made everything so much easier and allowed me to keep everything from the media’s eyes. I love, love, love them!!
    Accurate and Powerful!!
    JOSHUA L says: Joshua L: The experience with La Ganesha has been amazing!! There’s no words to express how much La Ganesha has helped me. With my first consultation, she was very accurate and then she followed up with removing all the negative energy around me, since then my life has changed completely. The spells recommended by La Ganesha was exactly what I needed, and I was able to see positive results RIGHT AWAY!!!! I’m very Happy and I will continue working with La Ganesha!!
    Great experience so far
    Lynn K says: My advisor is Mokimko, she is professional and details. She gives me the assurance I needed especially during this trying time. She understand and believe in me. Thank you all.
    Comfortable Consultation
    Karla G says: So far I have only been through a consultation with Mokimko. I was extremely nervous at first because of all the problems I’m facing, I was a little embarrassed, too. But something about Mokimko made me feel completely at ease. She gave me renewed hope and told me exactly how things are. After our spell consultation, I was left with positive energy and a sense of excitement. I truly trust in her completely. She’s just so genuine and caring and a professional. I have since ordered a Chakra Balancing and will be getting that done shortly, and then move on to the spells. Where has she been all my life? I already know that I’m never letting go of her- I want to work with her forever lol. Will update in the future after spells have been cast 🙂
    Amazing & Accurate
    Toya G says: I’ve been consulting with La Ganesha and I have to say that she is truly amazing. She read me accurately and opened up my mind to what she assessed! Her kindness, patience and wisdom made me feel comfortable with her. I appreciate her and how she followed up with me after casting the spells she recommended. A few days after she performed my first spell to cleanse negativity, I remember waking up feeling like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders; I feel more happier and overall energetic! I am appreciative and blessed to have her work her magic! I highly recommend her to you all! Looking forward to writing more reviews as we continue to work!
    Dominec H says: Where do I begin…. I LOVE calling bullshit on charlatans…. So I fixed in mind that I would only provide her with my name and date of birth. Anyone who is about their business can do what that need to do from your name and date of birth. She told me about my about my spiritual practices and the spirits around me which left me very impressed….you know when that uneasy laugh comes out …she spoke truthfully about my lasciviousness and the multitude of women I am involved with….with brought out that uneasy chuckle again….and then she told me about my writing…..and semi – scolded for not being serious about it. This still rings loudly in my head as I write this review. I am thoroughly impressed by her skills as a reader. She has working knowledge of several spiritual traditions and she is bilingual. Although she is serious about her readings, Akexandar is down to earth and has a friendly rapport which is important to making that ‘connection’. Thank you for the awesome reading.
    Alex L says: Miss Flame definitely knows her stuff, she’s open minded, has a pleasant attitude, a sense of humor very helpful, I like working with her, I feel totally comfortable, I put my trust in her to get to the crux of the problem, for anyone thinking about getting magical assistance,,, hire a is definitely the way to go, Miss Flame is very accurate in her readings and I like Her Chakra balancing sessions, so far so good for me. Thank You Flame.
    sincere and helpful
    JM C says: I have been getting readings with Mokimko for some time now, and she has actually cast a spell for me not so long ago. Ever since I have started working with Mokimko, she has been nothing but kind, accommodating, and sincere. WIthout getting into too many details, her readings are full of insight, and she is very truthful and compassionate. She really cares about her clients, as she does with me. She always replies to my emails and always gives insightful readings. Also, I asked her if we needed to do more spells to remove some interference and she said no because she doesn’t think it is necessary, and instead recommended that once the spell she cast for me has come to fruition, then we can see if there are any more changes we can make. I am grateful that she is honest and confident about her abilities, and I am also grateful that this company is not out to take advantage of people who come to them for help.
    Esmeralda D says: I’m amazed about how accurate La Ganesha was on the Psychic Reading!!! I will definitely recommend her.
    Eso F says: Spoke with mokimo and she was awesome,when I got off the phone I felt a different energy I will be working with her very soon
    Thanks!! This is the real deal
    Ebony J says: Thanks so much Mokimko! These results came quickly then I expected. During the casting, I was having many job interviews and exactly on the 8th day, I finally got the job I wanted/needed that paid well with great benefits and we don’t work on the weekends!! … Pretty awesome huh… Can’t wait to see what else come out of this, and I can’t wait to do future business with you. Thanks again!!
    Im gonna try it
    abigail s says: here we go
    Steph A says: In a world where everyone is trying to make a quick buck off another person’s misfortune, its nice to meet some genuine people that are truthful about the spells you want casted. Mokimko is a great person. She was truth and realistic about my situation. She always responded to me morning noon or night and urged me to stay positive when i was sad. I wish i could thank her in person for ber great work. She brought my ex bf back to me and he was much nicer than before. Everything seemed like perfect timing. I cant thank her enough. This is the real deal!
    Amazing!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    Angela F says: I worked with Mokimko and she is an amazing person. She was kind and really helped me through a hard time. Not only did she cast a spell that worked incredibly well, she was someone I could talk to and she gave me excellent advice. I am so thankful to have found her!! Thank you so much Mokimko!!
    Marie P says: I worked with La Ganesha and she did a love spell for me. She was very understanding and sincere in the consultation, gave me great advice and was able to cast my spell the very next day. With just a few days, I noticed a difference in my boyfriend. I am just amazed at the speed of the results because I am normally very critical and not trusting of others. But, she made me feel at ease and confident that I was putting my trust in the right place. I do not regret it! That was one powerful spell and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds 🙂
    Real, logical, sincere, helpful!
    Carolina R says: Mokimko has been a blessing to our lives. I came to her when we desperately needed a change. She listened carefully, took in what was going on, gave me perfect advise and gave me suggestions as to how to handle the situation. Since then, my family has been more at peace, and heading towards a better direction. She will NEVER take advantage of the situation or of me. It means a lot since I have had this issue in the past. Mokimko genuinely cares! I feel completely comfortable talking to her, asking her questions, and she gives brilliant answers. She has even called up afterwards to ask me how everything is going. Her actions clearly show that she is loving and full of good intentions. I hope that all of you considering talking to Mokimko go through with it, so that you have a great and inspiring experience that we had. Also, I don’t know what it is about her, but every time after having a conversation with Mokimko, I am left with peace, joy, and even excitement to see what the future holds!
    Pamela W says: Usually a consultation is nerve wrecking. But not this one. I loved every minute of it. It was great to have Mokimko helping me get to where I want to be in my life. With her I know the best is yet to come my way. I had no worries at all. I have hope that my families future is in the right hands. Thank you.
    The perfect rescue !
    Lady Kerr Y says: I was impressed with how insightful & personable Mokimo is. It was like talking with an old friend. I was literally at my wit’s end and needed someone to clarify where all the disruptive energy was coming from and help my Son. She was/is fabulous. She went to work right away and the spells are definitely working. Some of the work I could do myself, but it was most important to get some things done that I was a little too emotional and apprehensive about. Her insight is invaluable and her guidance worth it’s weight in gold. The peace of mind and lessons learned thru this experience has opened my eyes & heart to greater posabilities. It is so wonderful to have this type of service available when there appears to be nowhere else to turn. I’m so glad I called.
    Title your reviewSimply Amazing
    Valerie M says: Mokimko definitely knows her stuff. Before I have always had a problem trusting people ehen we first meet, but with Mokimko I felt comfortable in speaking wirh her as if Ive known her all my life. She not only showed genuine concern for the problem, but she was even more concerned about meand my wellbeing. She addressed the problem without me having to say a thing. Her spell definitely worked and for those that choose her services PLEASE listen to her because she wont tell you anything wrong. Follow her instructions to the T. I must say that because I did not I now have to order her spell again but this time I will do just as she instructs No more being hardheaded. I will keep everyone filled in once her spell is complete and fully comes to fruition. Much love Mokimko,my sister, much love.
    Many Thanks
    Amy N says: Hire a Witch is a great resource for people like me who, from time to time, need a little extra help in tackling life’s problems. They are business-minded, forthright, honest, easy, and direct. I found them quick to answer questions and address concerns. Most important, since one is putting oneself, as a client, in a vulnerable position, due to the nature of this work, I find them to be honest, thoughtful, and focused experts in their field and not snake-oil salesmen or aggressive up-sellers that plague this work. I very much enjoyed my reading and subsequent consultation with La Ganesha, and can only speak about her per my immediate experience. She was information and charming, open-minded, and smart in her assessments. I hope and expect that the purveyors of this business vet their other practitioners as well. In short, I am a fan and would recommend them to anyone who might need a push or prod in the right direction. A little help can go a long way, right?
    TMP P says: The website didn’t have any free slots, and I felt my concern was urgent. I sent an email to the company and was able to have an appointment scheduled the same day. The person who worked with me was kind, caring, and most important didn’t pass judgment on the work I needed done. I felt like she went above and beyond the call of duty, and may have offered more for the low price. I felt like I was talking to a friend about my concerns, and that she truly wanted what was best for me. I am excited to watch all of the positive things unfold for me.
    Shopping Basket