Mediumship (Contacting the Dead)

Do you have loved ones who have passed who you would like to get in contact with? Do you have information you’d like to give to or get from them? Do you have regrets of things you wish you would have said or discussed before they died? Are you having a hard time dealing with your grief and need some closure and reassurance? Or, do you have ancestors you’ve never met who you would like to get to know and perhaps learn some family history? These are are just a few of the reasons why our clients come to us for Mediumship Sessions. Our Psychic Mediums are able to do all of this and more.

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is communication with spirits of the dead and a Medium acts as a communication channel between the spirit and the person wanting contact.  It is a completely safe and simple process. Our Mediums are some of the most talented out there and are skilled at being able to get you very detailed information from your loved ones. Our clients are always shocked at the information received, especially when they learn something new and it is later verified!

What Mediumship is NOT

There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to communication with the dead. Let’s clear up a couple of these concerns.

  • When we communicate with spirits, it does not harm or bother the spirit in any way. It is completely safe for all parties involved.
  • We do not allow the spirits to posses us. This is nothing like the seances of the movies or a scene out of the exorcist (lol)

We take the time and care to connect and disconnect from the spirits safely and securely.

Our Compassionate Approach

We know that it can be a very emotional endeavor to communicate with a loved one who has passed. We keep this in mind and go allow you to set the pace of the reading. Always remaining compassionate and understanding, our Mediums will help you through this process during your session. We strive to be that helping hand, should you need it.

Have a session with one of our very talented Psychic Mediums who will contact someone deceased for you, obtain information and/or pass messages. They can even open a pathway for your deceased loved on to begin communicating with you directly. Your Medium will explain the process and ensure you are comfortable throughout the process. You will be able to ask any questions you’d like throughout the process.

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