Handcrafted Magickal Items

We offer handmade magickal items, made just for you! Everything our witches make is made to order and customized to your energy to work best for you. Everything is unique and one of a kind. We do not have a set list of items we make because everything is done according your ideas and needs. Some examples of items we have done for a variety of purposes are:


  • portal boxes to other worlds
  • spirit mirrors
  • jewelry containing bound entities
  • talismans
  • amulets
  • mojo bags
  • oils
  • powders
  • permanent crystal grids
  • soul capturing devices
  • spirit capturing devices
  • curse boxes (to protect sacred items)
  • herbal sprays
  • magickal cloth and clothing
  • Much more, the sky is the limit!

There is almost nothing our witches cannot do, so your imagination is your only limit. Just let us know what you are looking to accomplish and we will see what the best solution is for you. All the examples above can be made to do just about anything for you, so don’t be shy in expressing your ideas.

To get started and to get a quote, please book a magickal item consultation the witch of your choice!

Just A Few Example Items Made/Spelled by Mokimko Flame
This is a ring done for a client, which contains a hell hound. The ring can only be activated by the energy of my client. The hell hound was already tamed by me and made loyal to the client prior to arrival.

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This is a portal box handcrafted and created for a client. This box accesses both spirits of the dead as well as nature spirits. Words of power, symbols and images are burned into the wood throughout the box.

This is a portal box for accessing Demons and Djinn that I custom made for a client. Words of power and sigils are burned into the wood throughout the box along with copper leaf and energy conductors. This box was made to only respond to my client’s energy or their successors upon death only.

This is custom-made oil that allows you to become the master of people or situations. All oils are made to react to a clients energy specifically for added power

Custom-made Mind Control Powder, formulated to operate very specifically to my client’s needs.

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