If you are a celebrity, politician or other high profile person of interest, we have everything to fit your unique needs. We serve many high profile clients and have been their preferred and trusted source for many years. We have in fact been called “The Witches of the Stars.” We understand the special challenges you must face in the interest of privacy and are there to meet those needs. While we certainly hold all of our clients with the strictest confidence, we understand that being high profile makes you more of a target and we must employ extra means to ensure your privacy and comfort.

We have a full team on standby for our high profile clientele to ensure smooth transactions and sessions. Our legal team is ready with all of the necessary NDAs and other documents you may require. If an in person meeting in necessary, we have a team ready for making the proper travel arrangements. We will fly anywhere in the US and UK to meet with you. We will also attempt to comply with any other special requirements you may have.

We would love to discuss our celebrity plan with you. Please contact us at 516-939-4824 and ask for Mokimko or La Ganesha for more information on pricing, the process and to make arrangements.

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